Natural disasters in 2019

Photo Natural disasters in 2019

Global warming has caused changes in the world weather conditions. Climate change is associated with weather extremes, from torrential rains and floods to drought. Therefore, unusual natural disasters have occurred, causing considerable material losses and human fatalities.

The year 2019 was characterized by several meteorological upheavals, from massive flooding to violent earthquakes, as well as all kinds of violent storms, depriving people of their homes and goods.

This is an insight to the 2019 natural disasters

The hottest decade in history

The earth temperatures in 2016 were the highest; additionally, 2019 was characterized by high temperatures. In all countries, weather conditions were unbearably hot, causing the drying up of water sources and terrible drinking water shortage. Beside this, the heatwave was associated with forest fires in many parts of the world.

Thus, it is the second hottest year in the decade. The ravages were so considerable that they cost billion dollars to the inflicted country. In the USA, for instance, material and economic losses caused by flooding, heatwaves, hurricanes, and storms cost over $1 billion. Keep reading and discover the devastating natural disasters of 2019.

Due to cyclone Idai, over 900 people died in Africa

Climate change also brought about strong cyclones, especially the one which hit Africa in March 2019. It was recorded as the most violent cyclone, leading to the tragic loss of 901 lives altogether, among which 602 died in Mozambique and 299 lost their lives in Zimbabwe. It destroyed almost 90% of Mozambique's second-largest port, Beira.

The death toll was approximately 90 in Japan From Typhoon Hagibis

In October 2019, Japan experienced the deadliest typhoon with Typhoon Hagibis, causing almost 90 fatalities in Japan. Many regions received continuous warnings due to the severity of the disaster and instances of possible deadly landslides. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of people had to be evacuated into shelters.

75 people died from Typhoon Lekima in China

In August 2019 Typhoon Lekima, a tropical typhoon, swept over many regions in the inland China, causing a death toll of 75. The storm was accompanied with unprecedented floods, leading to road damages and bridge collapse. Additionally, the natural dam collapsed. Many victims went missing and could not be retrieved again. It was obviously the most devastating typhoon as the government signaled it with a “red typhoon alert”.

The Heat Wave in India caused 90 fatalities

The highest temperature was recorded in the western state of Rajasthan, India in 2016, with a high of 124 Fahrenheit degrees, which is equivalent to 51 Celsius degrees. In June 2019,the death toll from the heat wave in India was inconsiderable. Due to the high summer temperatures, which reached a high of 120 Fahrenheit degrees (or 49 Celsius degrees), 90 people lost their lives.

The heatwave in Japan made over 160 casualties

Another surge of heatwave hit Japan in July 2019, causing around 165 human losses. Elderly people, middle-aged people, children, and babies had to be treated at the hospital due to the high temperature. The temperature exceeded 100 Fahrenheit degrees, at 105 more precisely (equivalent to 41 Celsius degrees). The heatwave mainly affected the locals of Kumagaya, Saitama, in the outskirt of Tokyo.

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