16.05 2020

Typhoon Lekima kills in China

Image Typhoon Lekima kills in China

China has been the victim of deadly natural disasters like floods and typhoons for several decades. The catastrophes have always caused many casualties. Typhoon Lekima was among the most devastating ones that had hit the country. Humanitarian organizations and foundations have brought disaster relieves for China.

The TPRF Foundation is among those organizations which sponsor disaster-stricken victims. It was founded by Prem Rawat, the peace ambassador. He has given several talks about peace since his early childhood. In India, his audience can reach millions of people. Keep reading to know more about the Typhoon Lekima that hit China.

Typhoon Lekima: a deadly typhoon

The typhoon Lekima was the one that also hit the Philippines under the name of Typhoon Hanna. It hit China in 2019. It formed on August 2, and on August 11, at dawn, it emerged into the Yellow Sea. The highest winds reached 195 km/h/ and its speed was sustained for 10 minutes.

The disaster created deadly landfalls in many parts of China and the death toll reached 44 in eastern China due to landslides and floods. At 8:50 p.m., JTWC issued an urgent warning to those living near Xihai'an, Qingdao, Shandong because the disaster made a landfall in that area. The damage was estimated at $9.28 billion.

The storm gradually developed into a tropical depression

  • On July 30, here was a storm in the East of the Philippines. It then gradually developed into a tropical depression.
  • On August 4, the tropical storm's power had intensified much. It got the name Lekima. The environmental conditions were favorable; as a result, the tropical storm became more and more intense.
  • The storm peaked at Category 4, and was as strong and deadly as a super typhoon. However, soon after its development, the typhoon's intensity had weakened due to the presence of an eyewall replacement cycle.
  • At the night of August 9, typhoon Lekima made a landfall in Zhejiang. Its intensity was reduced into a Category 2.
  • The strong typhoon Lekima then traveled across Eastern China; but its force subsequently weakened.
  • On August 11, another major landfall took place in Shandong.

The storm made many casualties

The storm was heading to across Shanghai at a speed of 15 km/h (9 mph). Fortunately, its intensity had gradually reduced. The storm was accompanied by high winds and heavy rains. Shanghai Disneyland was closed to the public all day.

Torrential rains continued to pour, causing further deadly landslides across the country. Beside this, it led to the collapse of the natural dam. In just 10 minutes, the river rose to a level of 10m (30 ft), flooding the homes of 120 villagers.

Typhoon Lekima caused serious material and human losses

The typhoon Lekima's intensity created the southwestern monsoon in the Philippines. It had been accompanied by pouring rains across the country. Unfortunately, some boats were still sailing when it happened. Three passenger boats sank because of the violent storm and heavy rain. The incidents brought about several casualties.

Due to the rains, a total of 56 people lost their lives. In mainland China, the drenching rains brought catastrophic damage, which cost the nation a lot of fortunes. In fact, the loss was estimated at US$9.26 billion, which is the equivalent to CN¥ 65.37 billion.

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